Gilson Furniture

Making a commission

As you will see browsing through this web site Rolph has worked on a variety of different projects , accommodating different tastes and styles .

The first stage would be to discuss with the client / designer , the requirements of the project, usually this would include a site visit to measure up and give Rolph an understanding of what the needs of the client are. In consultation with the client a design would be worked out, in rough initially .

Depending on the need , plans would then be drawn up ( the extent of the plans and elevation drawings would be agreed by client and rolph ) ( with a possible fee being made for design work )

Once a design has been agreed , Rolph would then price up the project according to the specifications given . If the price is agreed a time scale would be made up including a start and installation date . ( this will be looked at on an individual basis )

To commence a project a deposit is required , to cover the cost of materials ,etc. Depending on the size of project an interim payment is sometimes required ( usually with larger / longer jobs ). The balance will be due on completion of the project.

( EXTRAS ... Usually on medium to larger projects clients find other items they require to be done whilst Rolph is on site , these will be costed as extras and priced in agreement with the client before commencement of said extras . In this way everyone is happy and there are no nasty suprises at the end of a harmonius project ).